Braintree Town Academy School of Futsal

13924827_1632115070451675_6253339060335927955_nBraintree Town will be adding School of Futsal to its Academy programme for 17/18 season, offering all academy players the opportunity to develop key techniques and tactics that this format of the game enhances. Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small sided football game that is widely played across the world and is officially recognised by both UEFA and FIFA. The nature of the game places a large emphasis on technical skill and ability in situations of high pressure, and is subsequently an excellent breeding ground for football competencies that can be translated into the 11-a-side format of the game. adding school of futsal to our programme will allow our academy players to develop both their technical ability and game understanding to coach and educate future generations on the benefits. players will have the opportunity to train and play weekly fixtures increasing their opportunities.