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Community Iron Grab Gold In Active Braintree Sports Awards.

IMG_5472 (2)This week we was named winners of best physical active project 2018 at the active Braintree Sports Award. Speaking to the Braintree & Witham Times Alan Stucky said ““This award is recognition of the way that Community Iron has grown in the last four years from a very small offshoot of running an education programme to getting much more involved in the wider community.” “Our mission is to encourage all people to participate and be interested in active sport and wellness. “There is a lot of work going on in schools as well as at the Discovery Centre; we have badminton for older people, walking football and so on – there’s a really wide range of sporting activities. “You have to pay tribute to Mark (Sansom) in taking all these initiatives and making them run and he has been backed by our small group of trustees, who find the money to allow all this to go on. “It has been a very successful four years. “We’ve gone from very few events to five to six hundred events a year now.” Community Iron Operations Director Mark Sansom said: “Seeing kids going through what they are, you realise how important your health is. “It has inspired me to do even more because you see kids in hospitals going through things that they shouldn’t be going through. “It has given me a real kick up the backside to push it on further. “We’re raising money through Community Iron and I’m in the process of contacting Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford to see if we can go in to do something in their children’s ward. “We just want to help give the kids another focus to help them in what they are going through. “I certainly never thought I’d win the One in a Million award because that’s not the way I see myself; I just do what I do because I want to see happiness on other people’s faces. “I don’t put myself up there, but through Community Iron, it’s just about helping as many people as we can and letting people realise the opportunities they have. To be recognised for that is huge and we’ll strive to make it even bigger next year.” Sansom added: “I would like to thank an amazing team that I work with on a daily basis, they are what makes Community Iron such an enjoyable project to be a part of; we all believe in the same things and want to help a change. “But again, we must not lose sight of our wider audience and I cannot thank the people of the Braintree District enough for their support in our project. “On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone involved in the selection of these awards and also the trustees for their support and belief in me as I continue to grow the Community Iron story.” If you want to get involved with Community Iron please click here